Coach's Take

Cibolo Steele coach Michael Jinks had a strong year. Steele won the Class 5A II State Championship, only a few years after the school started playing varsity football. He also served as coach of Malcolm Brown, one of the top recruits in the nation.

Both of those helped Jinks land a gig as coach on the West team in the Army All-American Bowl, where he was able to keep a close eye on five Texas commitments (Garrett Greenlea sat out the game with an injury, while Quincy Russell also fought injuries most of the week).

Here are his thoughts.

On Jaxon Shipley: "I mostly coached the receivers, so Jaxon is somebody I spent a lot of time with. He's very athletic, way more than I thought he was. He's kind of a slender, unassuming kid right now, but he may have more God-given athletic ability than a lot of people think. He runs well and he can jump out of the facility. I haven't seen a kid play the ball like that in quite a while; if the ball is in the air, he's going to go get it. I was very impressed. I think he's going to play early and be a difference maker for Texas. Not to put too much pressure on the kid, but I think he has more big-play potential than his brother. Jordan was great in the slot, and he hit his big plays, but Jaxon plays the ball in the air so well."

On linebackers Steve Edmond and Kendall Thompson: "(Edmond) is very explosive. Both of them play fast, and they're football players. That was a common thread all week. When you were coaching, you could give them pointers and they were very receptive. In players, that's what you want. They asked a lot of questions, how you would do this, or how you would do that."

On offensive guard Sedrick Flowers: "I haven't seen many (players that big do the splits). He's very athletic, and he comes from a military background. Just visiting with him a bit, his mom went to high school where I went, over at Judson. He's very talented, extremely athletic. He's a great run blocker."

On the Texas commitments as a whole: "Sometimes as coaches, one of the things you worry about when you're coaching in an all-star game is whether you're dealing with a bunch of prima donnas. But that just wasn't the case (with the Texas commitments). They might not all be the so-called five-star athletes, but they're a bunch of five-star individuals, and they conducted themselves so well through the week. They were phenomenal."

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