USA vs. The World Scouting Reports

Texas boasts three commitments in the upcoming USA vs. The World game to be played on National Signing Day Wednesday. Here's how they looked at Monday's practice.

Jaxon Shipley, receiver

Shipley typically shows well in practice formats because he practices at such a high level of intensity. Even when the receivers were running warm-up routes at half speed, Shipley was chopping his feet, dropping his hips and playing pretty quickly. He's a tough player to defend because of his route running ability and athleticism. He's also working out with the punt returners, though he dropped a few when shagging for the punter. When things went full speed though, not one ball hit the turf. He's a last-second addition to the game, but he appears to be a welcome one.

Josh Turner, cornerback

Turner is nearly impossible to gauge at this point because he's missed a lot of practice with an injury. It's nothing serious though: he's just a bit nicked up. What I like is that he has nice height for the position at 5-foot-11 to 6-foot, and more importantly has excellent length. Even with the injury, he appears to be smooth in his pedal and transitions well. He'll be more fun to watch at full speed, but there's a lot to like about him as a prospect.

Joe Bergeron, running back

First thought: This guy is thick. Second thought: I wouldn't want to tackle him. Bergeron is layered with weight and looks to carry it pretty well. He's thick through the legs and runs behind his pads well, playing physically. He made some nice blocks in pass protection, showing a decent, but somewhat raw, punch. One of the coaches did ask him to keep churning his feet through the hole, but it was during a non-contact drill, and Bergeron typically generates power through contact. Seems to have a good attitude as well. On an offensive line vs. defensive line drill, Bergeron stood in the shotgun on a draw play. The line missed about four blocks, resulting in Bergeron getting smacked by several defenders just as the ball was put in his basket. But Bergeron just shook his head, smiled and laughed it off.

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