Bergeron Ready to Make It Official

It's easy to spot Joe Bergeron in a crowd. The six-foot, 230-plus pound back just looks the part of football player.

But Bergeron doesn't list his size or build as his greatest strengths as a player. Instead, Bergeron said it's that people struggle to gauge his talents because he's so big.

"(My biggest strength is) how people underestimate me," Bergeron said. "They think because of my size, 'oh, he's a fullback, he's this, he's that.' I am a running back. If they don't believe me, then I'll just prove it on the field.

"They think 'oh, he's big, he can't move,'" Begeron said. "But I'll just show my speed and my quickness, and if they can't catch me, they'll see what I'm talking about."

Bergeron's multi-talented nature has been on display all week, as he's looked great whether blocking, catching the ball or running with the pigskin. He'll likely play a similar role at Texas. The previous staff recruited Bergeron as a single back, H-back type who could play a variety of roles. He said he hasn't talked with the new coaches about his role, but added that he expected it to be something similar, based on the roles Boise State used for big, versatile backs.

"It's the same role I had in high school," Bergeron said. "They had me doing routes out of the backfield. Between the tackles, sweeps outside. I can do it. It will take a little more practice to do it on the college level, but I can get it done."

Bergeron picked the Longhorns early in the process, and said he didn't waver in his commitment.

"I love Texas," Bergeron said. "I love Austin, it's a great town. They're a really consistent team. I say that a lot because they back it up. They talk about what they're going to do, and they do it. You can look at their history, and it's really good."

Bergeron said he also enjoyed getting to know future teammates Jaxon Shipley and Josh Turner.

"We talk a little bit on the field," Bergeron said. "They're good kids. Jaxon, he's a good kid, he makes you laugh. He has a good sense of humor. He's not all nervous all the time or stuck up like you would think some kids would be. He's pretty cool. It will be fun playing with him."

Bergeron said he was ready to sign with the Longhorns Wednesday morning.

"You take time and you sit aside and just think about everything with Signing Day coming up and the next four years of your life you'll be at this one university," Bergeron said. "But with all the hard work I've put in, I think I deserve it. Seeing myself from before my freshman year to now, I've put in a lot of hard work, and it should pay off.

"Hook 'em."

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