Junior update: Waco WR Tory DeGrate

Waco's <B>Tory DeGrate</B> is a name you'll continue to see throughout the recruiting process. He's as talented as any of the other wideouts making up what is arguably the best blue-chip crop of pass catchers the state has ever seen.

The Texas class of '04 athletes has accurately been termed "The year of the quarterback" and "the year of the wideout". But let's be frank. This is the "year of the pass-and-catch class." If I had to nail it down to one position, I'd have to go with the wideouts.

IT's early rankings show that separating this group will be a difficult task, but we look forward to the challenge.

As indicated in one of our recent "Inside Scoops", Mack Brown and Co. cannot take them all and there will be a plethora of must-grab pass-catchers on the board to be gobbled up by the Stoops', Miles', Leach's, Fran's, etc.

DeGrate, one of at least 9-10 state bluechip wideouts, tripped to Norman with teammate Marcus Walker over the weekend to grab an unofficial look at the Crimson and Creme and IT caught up with him to see how everything went down.

"It was cool," the Waco standout said. "It was nice up there. I was really impressed."

Checking out the receiving talent on-hand was something DeGrate made sure to do as Oklahoma had extended him a scholarship offer prior to his trip, thus he tried to imagine what it might be like to spend the next three-five years in a place known as the Sooner Nation.

"I was watching their receivers, seeing who they got," DeGrate said. "And I was watching how they played and how they were used."


"I think I could fit in there," said DeGrate rather convincingly. "And I like the way they use their receivers."

"Having a scholarship offer in my hand from Oklahoma means a lot to me," DeGrate continued. "Made me think a little more about them...and...it kind of felt like home to me."

Offers from "OU, Baylor, Arkansas, LSU, TECH, and BYU" provide the Sooners some comp, but sounds as if Stoops and Co. upped their chances significantly to grab arguably one of the best Cen-Tex receivers in a region sporting two other incredible talents: Round Rock McNeil's Myron Hardy and Austin High's Fred Strong, who also happens to own a 'ship offer from Oklahoma.

"Coach Stoops was cool," DeGrate said. "I like his attitude. He was talking up their program. And he was telling me I had a good chance at some playing time."

OU WR Coach Wyatt didn't miss an opportunity to talk up the need the Sooners had at the receiving position.

"He told me how slim they were on receivers and how he thought their offense would be good for me," DeGrate said.

Seldom does a prospect go to Norman without mentioning co-defensive coordinator/recruiting coordinator Brent Venables.

"He was just about giving me information," DeGrate revealed. "Information about everything. Coach Venables is really cool. He's energy."

Finally, DeGrate also got to check out Lee Corso, who according to the Waco prep had quite a bit of security around him. Think picking against the Sooners on ESPN's GameDay telecasts had anything to do with it? Nahhh....

[On a side note: Wanna bet the under/over on Corso picking against OU this year? I'll set the early line at .5]

At any rate, the Waco wideout enjoyed the brief time he got with one of the more colorful personalities in college sports. Love him or hate him, Corso adds controversy and humor to the best sports show on television, bar none. And having the larger-than-life GameDay crew in town for OU's spring game certainly didn't hurt Stoops and Co.'s pitch.

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