Junior report: Pflugerville LB Luke Tiemann

Pflugerville high school linebacker <B>Luke Tiemann</b> definitely will be moving up the state rankings. Recently eyeballed, Tiemann is every bit the 6-2.5 we have him listed at and very close to the 215 pounds we have him at in our Texas Top 100 rankings. The 4.75 (4.73 fastest) 40 time he's sportin' is a pretty good indicator of the speed he shows off. Pop in one of his game tapes and he plays even faster. Quite simply, the kid just knows how to play football.

"I might not wow people at a camp event," Tiemann told IT. "I'm not the tallest, fastest or strongest, but let's throw some pads on at a camp and we'll see who can play some football."

That might explain why he's been getting so much attention from in-state powers Texas and Texas A&M.

"Right now, Texas and A&M are recruiting me the hardest," Tiemann said. "The five schools I like the most are Texas, Texas A&M, Colorado, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State."

And he said he'd strongly consider other schools who might also take an interest.

Although Tiemann has yet to land his first 'ship offer, he most definitely will. And Tiemann will be able to pick from a few of the name ones before it's all said and done. Kid's a baller.

"He's a sideline-to-sideline player who just makes plays," Pflugerville head coach George Herrmann told IT. "From whistle to whistle, he's full speed. And when he's on his best game, absolutely devastating."

IT agrees.

Weightroom numbers?

Bench: 275, Incline Bench: 215, Squat: 355, (Power) clean: 285.

"This kid was the leader of our football team as a junior," said Herrmann. "He leads by example. He's always staying after school and working out in the weightroom. Just a tough kid and really tough football player.

Tiemann has his bookwork knocked out to with a qualifying SAT score and 3.0 GPA.

After tripping to UT on an unofficial, Tiemann said, "They (Texas) told me they're very close to offering, so I wasn't really bummed. I know I can play."

And if that sounds like confidence oozing out a little, it is. The kid makes no bones about his abilities and from what we saw, he can back it up.

Tiemann only played seven games last season and still racked up impressive stats. Even more impressive was when he returned to action against Georgetown when he flat out got off. Tiemann notched an insane 25 tackles.

"I just picked right up where I left off," said Tiemann on how he responded coming back from the wrist injury.

One more time. 25 tackles.

In a recent Scoop, we told you Texas DC Carl Reese and OC Greg Davis wanted to make the short trip up I-35 to check the kid out in pads, though I'm sure they've seen some film. Still, they'd like to get a look at him in the flesh and do a live eval. And you can bet he'll give them a show.

Perhaps the most interesting thing at this point is which school will be the first to pony up a 'ship offer.

"They've (Texas, A&M, OU, Oklahoma State, Colorado) all been sending me a lot of stuff and those are the five I like," Tiemann said.

Tiemann breaks down his top five in this week's edition of the Inside Scoop.

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