Recruiting: McGee An Aggie

<B>Stephen McGee</B> faced an extremely difficult back-and-forth battle over which school would land his verbal pledge. A&amp;M or Georgia. Georgia or A&amp;M. A&amp;M or Georgia...This morning, for McGee, it suddenly became clear. And though he loved both programs and their respective coaching staffs -- and felt really good about each program's ability to be a national title contender -- he could only choose one.

"I picked A&M," the 6-3, 205-pound gunslinger told IT. "Since Coach Fran has been at A&M, he showed me all along that they really wanted me bad and that I was their guy from the beginning. I mean the first day Coach Fran came aboard they were on me and told me I was the only quarterback they wanted. Not only that, it's just a special place."

"I honestly believe we are going to be pretty good from the start and eventually win a national championship," McGeee continued. "Once he gets to playing his type of football, Coach Fran should have us ready to contend for the Big 12 championship by year two and possibly a national championship after that. And keeping A&M competitive for years to come."

And though the Aggies, after a disappointing 6-6 '02 season, have work to do to reach challenger status, kids are apparently buying into the A&M program and they're buying into Fran and Co.

"He's proven that he could turn programs around," IT's 14th-ranked state of Texas prospect said. "When he was at TCU they went 1-9 his first year there. And in two years, Coach Fran had them standing No. 9 in the nation. And when he was at Alabama his team went 3-8. In his second year he had them ranked No. 11 in the country. And he expects to do the same at A&M."

And it had to be difficult to tell Georgia head coach Mark Richt given the relationship McGee built with him and the Bulldog staff.

"I called him before I called you," McGee said. "His answering machine was on, unfortunately, but I went ahead and left a message. I basically told him how much I think of him as a person and how much I liked Georgia but that I had picked A&M."

McGee also said that Georgia will be up there for years to come.

"I felt very good about their chances to compete and win national championships too because they have such a great program," McGee said. "Coach Richt was just an incredible person and I just thought a lot of him."

With best friend Jordan Shipley headed to UT, the rivalry they'll share will also be something else, according to McGee.

"He's been my main wide receiver in high school and we're really good friends," the Burnet Bomber said. "And the chance to go up against him in one of the best rivalry games in the country is going to be really neat. He might get the better of us the first couple of years, but we'll (A&M) be hard to beat, so I think it's great."

After such a difficult decision, could the talented McGee eventually look elsewhere? "I'm an Aggie," McGee told IT. "There's no doubt I want to play for Texas A&M. And it doesn't matter who comes after me now because I already considered everything and made the decision, a hard decision, to join Coach Fran and his football team."

"I know it took me a while to choose between A&M and Georgia, but I'm 100 percent sure that's where I want to be," McGee added. "And I just feel that A&M is where I was supposed to be."

A&M landed not only a great football player, but a great kid. Congratulations Stephen!

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