Breaking Down the Longhorns' Class

What will the Longhorns look like in 2011-2012? Most of us have a feel for the players already on roster, but here's a look at the newcomers. National Recruiting Analyst Evan Daniels took the time to break down the game of each of Texas's five recruits before discussing their potential impact on next year's roster.

Myck Kabongo, G

Daniels' take: I think with Myck, you're getting one of the absolute best point guards in the country. He's a guy who can really run the show. He's a great passer and sees the floor well … a speedy guy who can push the ball up the floor. He'll be a great addition to the team. He and Cory Joseph have played ball together a little bit, so they're used to playing together and it's a good fit. I'm a big fan of Myck, even beyond his game. He has great intangibles, he's a winner and a terrific overall point guard.

Potential impact: No question, he's going to have an opportunity to get the ball in his hands out of the gate. He's proven himself since he was an underclassman that he's somebody who can rise to the occasion, even when playing against older guys. He has a great chance to make a big impact right away.

Sheldon McClellan, G-F

Daniels' take: With Sheldon, you have a scorer. He's a guy with a pretty good jump shot and good range. He's going to bring that scoring ability to the table at Texas, and he's going to upgrade the scoring on the wings, particularly if Hamilton leaves.

Potential impact: A lot depends on what happens with some guys on the roster, in terms of him coming off the bench or starting. He could be somebody who could supply scoring punch. That's what he does. He's somebody who can get buckets and put up points in a hurry. And he could do that definitely sooner rather than later.

Jonathan Holmes, F

Daniels' take: I'm a big fan of Jonathan Holmes and his game. He's somebody who blew up late in the recruiting process and may even be underrated nationally. He's about 6-foot-8, 200 and is a terrific rebounder. He can finish, has a nice face-up game and he's aggressive. When I saw him, he showed a jump shot out to 20 feet, and he just keeps getting better. Once he gets into the Texas weight room, he has a great chance to develop.

Potential impact: Gary Johnson was an energy guy and a rebounder who can face up, and Jonathan can do all of that. He's a little bigger than Gary, and can really lock down his area rebounding-wise. He's coming on so much that it won't be a problem for him to be in the mix early. Obviously, Texas is known for its weight training, and he's not a small dude as is. Offensively, he needs to develop some go-to moves with his back to the basket. But rebounding-wise and defensively, he could be thrown into the fire and be effective.

Julien Lewis, G

Daniels' take: He's a scorer. He shoots the ball very well from long range and has a nice middle game off the dribble. He gives Texas a big-time scorer to pair with Sheldon McClellan, really gives a lot of scoring power to the wing spots. Both guys are known for their jump shots, but Lewis probably isn't going to do as much going to the rim. I would like to see him be more consistent with his effort and his ball-handling, but he's a shot-maker. The other team has to know where he's at at all times. He's somebody that not a lot of people saw early on, but he has a chance to do some things at Texas.

Potential impact: With guys like J'Covan Brown and Cory Joseph ahead of him, he's a guy that will come off the bench early in his career. But don't be surprised if he ends up being a starter. He'll find some minutes on the floor just because of his ability to put the ball in the basket.

Kevin Thomas, F*

Daniels' take: He's an energy guy at the power forward spot, a pretty good athlete who makes his bonds rebounding the basketball. Offensively, he's still a little raw. He's a power forward who can face up and hit the glass and make an impact that way.

Potential impact: He's not going to be a guy who is going to come in and start, and he might not even play a ton early on. He needs to develop his body, and build in some offensive gears. It could take a couple of years before he's really ready to get a lot of playing time.

Overall Daniels' take: It's a heck of a class, and a class that we have rated pretty high. There are a lot of pieces there: a terrific point guard, incredible scorers and depth in the front court. If a guy like Jonathan Holmes continues to come out of the woodwork, it could be even better. As is, we rated it as the No. 6 class in the nation.

* Thomas is committed to the Longhorns, but hasn't signed. He's expected to do so in the late signing period.

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