QB Look: David Ash

How did David Ash look in the spring game statistically? Read more below.

If you're new to our quarterback breakdowns, we break down a player's attempts by downs and situations. A long situation is any in which the offense has to travel seven or more yards to make a first down. A medium situation is any distance between four and six yards, while a short situation is three yards and under. We also measure explosive plays, which for a quarterback, is any completed pass of 10 or more yards.

We've also broken down each quarterback's attempts by drive. Over the course of the week, we'll take the exact same look at the other quarterbacks' performance in the spring game, with an overall analysis coming on Friday.

By Drive:

Drive One (Longhorns): 2-2, 6 yards (no explosives, zero points)

Drive Two (Longhorns): 0-1 (no explosives, zero points)

By Down

Second-and-long: 1-2, 8 yards

Third-and-short: 1-1, minus-3 yards (no explosives)

Totals: 2-3, 6 yards (no explosives)

The first thing that has to be mentioned with Ash is that he only received two possessions, as opposed to the four possessions that each of the other three quarterbacks received. In fact, afterward, Texas coach Mack Brown conceded that Ash didn't get the "fair shot" that the other three quarterbacks did. Additionally, Ash was the only one of the four to not receive any first-team repetitions in the game, spending both possessions with the Longhorn, or No. 2, squad.

That meant that Ash never had a chance to get going. On two of the five times he dropped back to pass, he was sacked by Alex Okafor, both on his second drive.

Because of that, and the fact that Ash only had three attempts, it's difficult to place judgment on his stats. He completed two of his three passes, the first of which was an eight-yard completion on second-and-long that set up a makable third-and-short. But his attempt to Jeremy Hills went for a three-yard loss, killing the drive.

The one thing that Ash's stats do tell us is his likely place in the quarterback hierarchy. Whereas each of the other quarterbacks received four possessions and at least two with the first team, Ash received two and none. And his three attempts were less than a third of the attempts of Case McCoy, who attempted the second-fewest passes with 11.

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