Recruiting: The Commits Keep Comin'

<B>Nic Redwine</B>, a stud linebacker/defensive end prospect who can flat out fly, is very close to pulling the trigger in favor of the Horns. As a matter of fact, he's going on a radio show in East Texas to let everybody know he's going to become a Horn.

"I'm just waiting to get in touch with Coach (Mack) Brown," Redwine told IT. "He's on a plane and should be able to reach me in another hour or so."

"But you can pretty much say I'm committed," the state's fastest linebacker/defensive end prospect said. "I've already let Texas know my intentions and everything."

"I was going to go ahead and commit somewhere after our spring training was done, but I just wanted to get it out of the way," the 6-2, 212-pound Redwine added.

Why Texas?

"I just think the Texas coaches are really, really nice," Redwine gushed. "And I'm just very impressed with them. And their academics are as good as anybody else out there. And academics is something I stressed."

The Tyler Lee standout said he wants to be a physical therapist and he likes the educational opportunities Texas affords him. He also said his parents are really pleased with everything UT has to offer and very excited that he's going to UT.

Redwine currently sits at No. 32 on IT's top 100 list, but he could be moving up as he's by far the most explosive edge rusher in the state. Though Brown has told Redwine he could play linebacker or defensive end, expect the pass rushing menace to get a look at weak-side defensive end first.

Mack and Co. are now up to 12 commits for the season and it's not even May 1st, when the coaches are allowed to start calling the recruits. Unbelievable!

Addendum: After Redwine's radio interview, IT caught up with the sack-mad DE again.

"It was cool," said Redwine when asked about doing the radio gig. "That was the first time I was ever on the radio. Basically, they just asked me what led to my decision and how I felt about committing to the Longhorns."

Recent speculation had Redwine following his teammates to A&M and it must have been difficult to say 'No' to his friends and secure a future with the Burnt Orange.

"You know, it was hard," Redwine revealed. "First, A&M, their coaching staff and players were really all good people. And honestly, I couldn't lose with either school. But it came down to those two schools and I had to pick one. And it was a real hard decision for me to make with my friends going to A&M instead of Texas, but that's a part of life. Sometimes you have to part ways with your friends and go do your own thing. Let everybody know that A&M is a good school and a good place, but I wanted to become a Longhorn."

What else about Texas stood out or made it number one?

"Texas is somewhere I've been wanting to go for a while," Redwine told IT. "They really stuck out to me and to be honest, it's a dream come true."

"I really like the Burnt Orange," Redwine continued. "And Texas has a very rich tradition, the atmosphere is great and everything at Texas is first-class."

Asked if the UT coaches plan to use his talents as a DE rather than as a LB when he arrives on the Forty Acres in '04, Redwine told IT: "That would be great. It would be a big plus because I'm already comfortable with that position. I like rushing the passer, that's what I do. But if they want me to learn linebacker, I'll do that. But I think I'm more ready to play weak-side DE."

Projected fall LDE starter Bryan Pickryl's a little bit taller, but carries the same amount of weight as does Redwine. And Pick showed a lot of explosion from the DE position last season as a true freshman...

"Yes sir, I talked to him at the Spring Game and could see that a player his size and my size, that can get after it and make plays, will get a shot," Redwine said.

And Redwine finally caught up with Mack Brown, talking to the Texas head coach late Wednesday afternoon.

"I just called him and let him know who I was," Redwine said. "And he said, 'I heard you got some good news for me.' And I just told him that I wanted to commit to the Longhorns and make everything official. He was really excited and said that I made his day."

Brown also spoke to Redwine about the lure of going with his friends to A&M and the difficult decision it must have been for him to pass that up.

"I told him I wanted to make my own decisions and that I'm my own individual," the 4.57 burner said. "And that I'm not a follower."


"Coach Brown just got even more excited," the Tyler Lee prep said. "And he said he's looking forward to me joining the team."

Of course, some think Redwine's friends could eventually win him over.

"Look, I'm real level-headed about all of this," Redwine said matter-of-factly. "And I'm true to my word. Texas is where I want to go and you tell the Texas fans that I'm really excited, this is a dream come true for me and to look for me in the upcoming years."

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