Ready or Not: Cory Joseph

Should he stay or go? Here's a take on the pros and cons of Cory Joseph's game.

Pros: He has great size and length for the point guard position, and is a very good athlete. Joseph is skilled, plays under control, doesn't make many mistakes and has great defensive stopper potential. He's an excellent shooter, and can handle the ball well enough to play the point at the next level. He rarely forces things. Shows an ability to get to the basket. He was also willing to take the final shot in college. In a weak point guard class, Joseph stands out as a relatively safe option. He won't necessarily be an All-Star at the next level, but he isn't as likely to bust as several other players.

Cons: One con is the same as one of his pros: he blends in. He's not the sort of player who will take a game over. He needs to develop more aggressiveness, particularly with his dribble-drive game. Though he's considered a point guard at the next level, he wasn't ever a full-time point guard in his one year at Texas. He struggled at times and wasn't a consistent threat to create his own shot. Also doesn't create great looks for others. Many of his buckets came on open jump shots. Didn't take the ball to the rim enough. Despite the fact that he was a strong defender, Dogus Balbay ensured that Joseph didn't spend as much time on the opposing backcourt's toughest player.

Final Take: Joseph is more ready to go than Tristan Thompson because he's a skilled player who could fit in well with an established roster. But asking him to be the face of a franchise would probably be too much for a player who is built to play more of a complimentary role. Another year at Texas, where he'd be counted on as more of a scorer, could help that reputation.

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