Brewer Impresses at Elite 11 West Recruiting Analyst Brandon Huffman was on hand to watch the regional Elite 11 camp in Palo Alto, Calif., Friday. What were his impressions of Texas commitment Connor Brewer?

Longhorn Digest: First of all, what can somebody tell about a quarterback from one of these events?

Brandon Huffman: "I think you can see footwork, a quarterback's release and his arm strength down the field. You're seeing a lot more downfield throwing than you would in a normal game. You can see a lot of things from the drills and one-on-ones. Obviously, you can't see a player reading the defense, or choosing when to audible. But you can tell their ability to make both the simple passes and the difficult passes.

Longhorn Digest: What did Connor Brewer show you at Elite 11?

Huffman: "He had, by far, the best footwork of anybody that I saw today. That really stood out, how smooth he was in his drops, how smooth his delivery was. He wasn't robotic at all. He had a steady release, a steady delivery and he has good downfield arm strength. He's really pretty good in every facet as a quarterback."

Longhorn Digest: How did he measure up against the competition?

Huffman: "He definitely stays as the No. 1 QB in the West at this point. I don't know that Bart Houston or Zach Kline did enough to take that spot from him. Klein was my MVP of the camp, but there were moments where all three guys showed what you wanted to see. (Brewer) is still the top quarterback in the West, and right now, I would say that he's the most college-ready of the three. Other than his arm strength — which is good — everything else is very steady, very solid. That should help to accelerate his playing time, and speed up his process for playing time."

Longhorn Digest: How can Brewer improve?

Huffman: "Just his overall strength — he could serve to put on 15-to-20 pounds. He has good mobility. You can see them roll out and gauge their mobility in terms of how they drop and roll out, and he's more mobile than you think. So really, it's just bulking up. And that can add to his arm strength. Everything else is pretty strong. He's really mechanically sound without being overly robotic. He's really smooth."

Longhorn Digest: Texas typically stays in-state for its quarterbacks. Is Brewer that guy who is worth leaving the state to go get?

Huffman: "There's no question. It's kind of weird, at these things you have a lot of quarterbacks and a lot of players who are alpha dogs. Brewer is a ringleader type among those guys. He's the kind of guy a lot of people flock to. The other quarterbacks showed him a lot of respect as a West Coast guy going to Texas. He was in the select group afterwords that received more work. He's a charismatic guy, somebody who talked about the relationships that he was building with the Texas commitments and the other guys they're trying to get. He's what you want in a quarterback in terms of leadership ability, charisma, energy, mindset. He has the mental attributes down, and has all the intangibles. And from a physical standpoint, he's certainly worth it. You take a look historically, and the best quarterback in the West has traditionally done very well, whether he's stayed locally or gone nationally. Texas is getting a college-ready quarterback who is ready to make an impact. He's not necessarily somebody who overwhelms you with his physical ability, but he definitely has the 'it factor.'"

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