Monday Thoughts 5/23

Just how good is Johnathan Gray? What do we know about DeAndre Daniels? And just how tall were last year's basketball stars? All that and more inside today's Monday Thoughts.

How good is Johnathan Gray?

That depends on who you ask. On trips last week, I spoke to two separate high school staffs with knowledge of the Aledo back, and they gave differing opinions. One staff said that they felt that Gray was a good player, but seemed united that Cibolo Steele running back and Texas 2011 signee Malcolm Brown was a better one. The primary arguing point seemed to be that Brown, by virtue of his power, could create his own openings.

That was a different opinion than one San Antonio head coach had. A long-time coach all over Texas, this coach said he couldn't be any more impressed with Gray.

"That kid out of Aledo is as good as I've ever seen," the coach said. "What did he have in the state title game: six touchdowns? Eight? He's unbelievable.

"I think he can create holes where there aren't any because of his speed," he said.

Differing opinions on Mykkele Thompson

When former Longhorn assistant Jerry Gray visited some San Antonio schools, he talked about the change in opinion on Thompson, a standout athlete from San Antonio Stevens High School and 2011 Texas signee.

According to one coach, Gray said that the previous wide receivers coach, Bobby Kennedy, wasn't high on Thompson as an offensive player, and was fine with Thompson starting off his career with defensive backs coach Duane Akina.

But after a senior year that saw Thompson rush for more than 2.800 yards and 40 touchdowns, new receivers coach Darrell Wyatt had a new take. The coach said Wyatt made a play to have Thompson with his wide receivers, and generally argued for the explosive talent on offense. The staff has also talked about utilizing him as a Wildcat quarterback.

Pearland Dawson duo

The Texas staff was the first to check in on talented offensive tackle Kennedy Estelle, arguably the Longhorns' top target on the offensive line. Most who follow his recruitment believe that the athletic tackle is headed to Texas, though he's hardly the only one that the Longhorns like from the in-state school.

The other prospect is 2013 running back James White, arguably the top in-state running back in his class (also watch for Dontre Wilson of DeSoto). White has said he'll visit the Longhorns for a camp this summer, likely on the June 12 date. Keep an eye on both prospects, as White could be running behind Estelle even after their high school careers end.

Taller than expected

It's always interesting watching the measurements at the NBA Scouting Combine. Inevitably, college players always seem to lose an inch or two from their roster listings.

But the opposite was true with the Texas threesome of Cory Joseph, Jordan Hamilton and Tristan Thompson. Joseph was listed at 6-foot-3, Hamilton 6-7 and Thompson 6-8. But in shoes (and rounded up for .5 inches and up), Joseph was 6-4, while Hamilton and Thompson were 6-9. Thompson was additionally helped by a long wingspan that measured 7-2.

After the combine, ranked Hamilton and Thompson as late-lottery to mid-first round picks. The picture wasn't nearly as rosy for Joseph, as the draft Web site listed him as the final draft selection, in the second round.

'Nobody knows anything'

I've heard the above quote probably 200 times with regard to DeAndre Daniels over the past week.

The 6-foot-7 wing is a talent, for sure. But I can't remember any case where a non five-star player has delayed his recruitment this long, especially somebody who is already fully qualified to play.

By all accounts, Daniels is choosing between Kansas and Texas, yet from talking to people on both sides, neither feels especially confident about getting him on campus. The initial surprise of Daniels delaying a day was somewhat tempered by the fact that it was the last day for players to sign National Letters of Intent, meaning that it was the last day that Daniels needed his father's signature to join either school (Daniels reportedly favors Texas, with his dad allegedly supporting Kansas).

But to delay it the rest of the week was somewhat of a shocker, even surprising IMG coach Andy Borman, who said "I hope so," when he was asked if Daniels would decide quickly. That was on Thursday of last week.

Daniels is a key recruit for both schools, the type of player who could potentially swing the Big 12 title adding another perimeter weapon to a pair of schools who are thin (at best) on the interior.

As for the other quote I've heard nearly as often as the above one, it's another three-worder:

"It's a circus."

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