Eshan Nasty on the Field

When asked for his greatest strength as a football player, San Antonio Sam Houston lineman Prince Eshan gave a long pause.

That gap was long enough for his teammate, highly regarded defensive lineman Javonte Magee to answer for him.

"You're nasty, dog," Magee said.

Eshan was quick to agree.

"I definitely have a nasty streak," Eshan said. "I was born with it. At home, everybody has problems. I just try to take mine out on the field. I'm an offensive lineman, and I like to put people in the ground."

It's that talent for putting players on the ground that has made Eshan a FBS-level prospect in the class of 2012. At 6-foot-2 and more than 300 pounds, Eshan projects best to center, and that's where most of his interest has come from, though teams have also looked at him across the ball as a nose guard. As an offensive lineman, Eshan hunts for contact, getting to players at the second and third levels on long plays.

Florida International was the first school to show interest in Eshan, who has also received FBS attention from Idaho, Baylor, TCU, Georgia Tech, New Mexico and several SEC schools.

Though Eshan doesn't have any FBS offers of yet, that should change fairly quickly.

"All schools give a good education, but I want to go somewhere where I feel like I can fit in," Eshan said. "I don't want a place too big, just a place where I can learn well."

Education is important to Eshan, who plans to major in kinesiology in college.

"I want to give back and coach children to be good like me," Eshan said, laughing.

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