Green a Different Prospect

Ask San Antonio Sam Houston lineman Raphael Green about the schools that stand out to him, and you might get a different list than most prospects.

Baylor? Sure, the Bears are a local school, one that had success a year ago. Miami? Of course. The Hurricanes typically have great pull with the current crop of young players. Stanford? OK. The Cardinals have been wildly effective as a football program recently, and they bring great academics to the table.

But Green's next two choices have more in common with Stanford than Miami.

"I really like Princeton and Harvard," Green said. "Those two and Baylor and Stanford really stand out to me."

It isn't often that a big-time Texas prospect lists Ivy League schools among his favorites, but Green isn't a typical prospect.

"There's life after football for all of us," Green said. "If I want to go into business or go out into the workplace and I do it with a Harvard, a Princeton or a Penn degree, people are going to look at it like 'damn, he has some serious education. He's not just a football player.'"

Green just so happens to also be a very good football player, one whose work ethic on the field is as impressive as it is off. He weighed more than 350 pounds and was told by college coaches that he was too heavy. So Green simply started shaving off the weight, working out and eating healthier. He's now down to 328 pounds and plans to have a playing weight of 315 on his 6-foot-4 frame by the start of the season.

"You have to sacrifice to be successful," Green said. "That's just the way it goes, in anything."

Green is prepared to sacrifice to do well at his chosen profession, as a nurse.

"There are a lot of crack babies and problems where I come from," Green said. "I feel like, if I'm a nurse, I can do things to help change that. If I can nurse people, I can make a change."

On the field, Green doesn't look to help out opposing players.

"I play to kill," Green said. "I don't want to be friends with anybody."

But immediately after showing his game face, Green's smile comes back out as he paraphrases Muhammad Ali.

"I want there to only be one people's champion," Green said. "And that's Raph Green."

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