Reports: Ford NBA-Bound

Houston television station KRIV and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram are reporting that sources close to the UT program say that Longhorn sophomore point guard <B>T.J. Ford</B> plans to announce Thursday his intention to make himself available for this summer's NBA Draft, according to the Associated Press.

The AP story: Report: Ford to make himself available for NBA draft

Ford maintained as recently as March that he planned to remain at Texas for his junior season, even placing the probability at "110-percent." But soon after his post-Final Four Awards tour, the record-setting point guard changed his tune, opening the door to the possibility of moving on to the next level after completing just half of his college eligibility.

As of late Tuesday night, IT had no independent confirmation of Ford's decision, although sources informed IT late last week of one very strong indication that Ford intended to turn pro. We plan to have more on that aspect of the story in this week's Inside Scoop.

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