Longhorn Network Nabs Two Games

Many people raised eyebrows when Texas announced the contract numbers for the new Longhorn Network.

But everyone knows why the Longhorn Network had such earning power: the potential to air live football games. That's it. Sure, some people might get it for basketball, and others for the occasional Olympic sports coverage. Still others might have purchased it for the inside information the network promises on football.

Still, the only way the network was going to work was for the Longhorn Network to grab a couple of exclusive live football games per year. And not only did they do that, according to an announcement made Tuesday, but they also managed to grab arguably the most intriguing game on the schedule.

No, the Longhorn Network didn't find a way to grab the Red River Shootout (boy, wouldn't that have made the average Sooner fan mad), but programmers did land the season opener against Rice. That game will show at 6 p.m. (Cen.) on Sept. 3. That game was a huge one, in that nearly every Longhorn fan will line up to watch because of the new staff. Season openers are typically well-watched, but this year there's the intrigue of the Longhorns "starting over," giving a group of largely new coaches free reign with what could be a young and exciting roster.

But the Longhorn Network didn't stop there, landing an additional game against a Big 12 opponent to be determined later.

With the Big 12 allowing its teams to go out and search for their own additional television networks, the difficulty could lie in teams finding ways to broadcast their live games. Most have already been picked up through the Big 12's partnerships with Fox Sports and ABC/ESPN, leaving either non-interesting games or replays for the schools' networks.

That Texas was able to generate original content was the first step toward a successful Longhorn Network. But getting a pair of live games, including at least one with plenty of intrigue, is a huge pelt on the LN wall.

Viewers seeking more information about where and how to get Longhorn Network in time for its August 26 launch should visit GetLonghornNetwork.com. At launch, the site LonghornNetwork.com will be thebroadband network home for Longhorn Network.

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