Scouting Report: Bryson Echols

Here, we break down Texas commitment Bryson Echols of DeSoto, based on an in-person viewing at the Fox Sports Southwest Texas State 7-on-7 Tournament.

The first thing anyone talks about when they reference Bryson Echols is his instinct. And that was readily apparent. When Texas coach Mack Brown talked about Quandre Diggs, he described a natural feel for the game that Diggs just had. Echols has that same trait. He wasn't fooled by double moves, and easily mirrored routes and redirected receivers with his hands. He was physical and played with plenty of emotion, often pumping up his team after making a big play.

In the game I saw, the other team attempted to get Echols on multiple plays with double moves. But on all of those plays, he shocked the receiver with his hands on the stop, kept great position and stayed on the receiver's hips the whole way. When in more of a zone look, he read the quarterback well, and he tracked the ball on deep throws. He broke up several passes with active hands.

Physically, Echols is ready to play quickly. He's thickly built and powerful through the shoulders. He used his lower body to outmuscle receivers on deeper routes. He doesn't appear to have elite recovery speed, but he has excellent short-area quickness, and he didn't need elite recovery speed because he was never in recovery. He was always in control, and even when he allowed a rare reception, he just went right back to work.

Because of Echols' build and ability level, I wouldn't be surprised to see him play early at Texas. He just won't need the technique work that a lot of other players need to start off, and he's already physically ready to see the field. Don't be shocked if he pulls a Diggs and becomes the young defensive back that everybody talks about early on.

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