Fozzy Whittaker, On Mic

Fozzy Whittaker was one of four Texas players to take part in Big 12 Media Days. Some quick thoughts from the running back are below.

Texas senior running back Fozzy Whittaker on leadership

"In previous years, particularly last year, we didn't have an offensive leader to step up. This year, we have multiple leaders stepping up. In times of adversity in a game, we'll be able to respond,"

On his relationship with freshman running back Malcolm Brown

"He's a hard worker. On the team, I was appointed as his older brother. I was the one who took him, showed him the ropes, showed him around school, took him to workouts and watched film with him. So basically, I'm just helping him get adjusted to whatever it's going to be like."

On Garrett Gilbert

"I feel like Garrett has become stronger, especially from the season he had last year."

On strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie

"There wasn't a point in time that somebody didn't say 'Bennie's killing us' or 'we're dying today' or something like that."

On Wylie's ability to finish workouts with four separate sessions of players per day

"He calls himself a machine, and I'm starting to believe that he is a machine."

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