Emmanuel Acho, On Mic

Texas senior linebacker Emmanuel Acho talks about trying to catch up with D.J. Monroe and the speed of Keenan Robinson and Demarco Cobbs.

Senior linebacker Emmanuel Acho on the team's mood

"There's a new motivation that hasn't necessarily been there before, and there's an excitement level that words can't really describe."

On who's faster and stronger between Acho and senior linebacker Keenan Robinson

"Keenan's a fast guy. We'll see at the combine."

"We both benched 405. Then Keenan went to 455, and I just applauded him. I'll save my energy for the next test day."

On the new defensive schemes

"The fans won't have seen anything like this before. They should be excited. There's not a play in the playbook that's the same as Coach (Will) Muschamp."

On sophomore linebacker Demarco Cobbs

"Cobbs is probably the fastest linebacker in the nation now that he's moved to linebacker. He's just extremely athletic, and he plays with a passion."

On playing against junior running back D.J. Monroe

"I love going against D.J. just because he's so fast. You really have to test your speed, and sometimes you have to test your angle on him. If he outruns your angle, you better widen it. (I) love going against D.J. because he's just an X-factor."

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