Blake Gideon, On Mic

At Big 12 Media Days, Texas safety Blake Gideon talked about missing out on last year's bowl season and what to expect from young players Adrian Phillips and Mykkele Thompson.

Texas senior safety Blake Gideon on missing out on bowls last season

"That was a terrible feeling, having to sit at home and watch other teams playing bowl games whenever we knew we were fully capable and that we had the players to be able to play in those games if maybe we would have played better or prepared better."

On Texas junior safety Kenny Vaccaro

"Kenny's very multiple in what he can do and what he offers. He may be the best man-cover guy we have on the team right now. It's no secret he's very physical. He runs, he hits and he plays hard. Any time you get a guy who has those three things, you're going to have a heck of a player and you're going to find a spot for him."

On Texas sophomore defensive back Adrian Phillips

"I would say Adrian, the first words that come to my mind are fast-learner, unselfish and very flexible. He's a safety. The guy's a safety by trade, that's what he was recruited here for, but he's also got great man cover skills, he's physical and he's smart."

On when last year started to slip away

"Those mistakes might have started back in January (before the season)."

On Texas freshman safety Mykkele Thompson

"He's very intelligent and picks things up very quickly. If he does learn his stuff, he's athletic enough to play right away."

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