Keenan Robinson, On Mic

Texas senior linebacker Keenan Robinson talks about how last season ended and the mood heading into the 2011 season.

Texas senior linebacker Keenan Robinson on whether he watched any bowls last season

"On the night of the national championship game, I was in 24 Hour Fitness working out. I didn't watch the game at all. I was actually getting my lift in."

On the mood of the team this offseason

"They're more humbled than mad. We got over being mad in January."

On expectations for this season

"I feel like (Texas fans) are expecting another 10-win season. As long as we handle the things we can control, we should be fine this year."

On the new coaching staff

"It's definitely a younger coaching staff … and that's good. You need young coaches for young guys."

On new defensive coordinator Manny Diaz

"They both joke a lot. But Diaz is one guy who will tell jokes on and off the field."

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