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Texas offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin talked Monday about the progress the offense has made.

Texas co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said Monday that players were able to come in and build from what they learned in the spring.

"We can tell that this summer has been really good for these guys," Harsin said. "Our execution and our tempo out at practice has been good and showed the work they put in."

That includes returning quarterback Garrett Gilbert, who Harsin said had done "a good job."

"All the quarterbacks have done a good job so far," Harsin said. "The point of emphasis coming out of spring was 'OK, now that we've put in a portion of our offense, you guys need to take that now and continue your preparation through the summer."

That preparation included three fundamental changes that each quarterback had to pick up, and Harsin said each player did those, improving their throwing motions and their footwork. He said it was too early to begin to separate the players at that position, though he said the team would begin splitting into ones and twos soon — the first scrimmage is Saturday — and the players will battle on from that point.

"You want to come out of camp with your quarterback," Harsin said. "If you have a situation or two where you have another guy come in and play, it's really situational. It's not a two-quarterback system."

Whomever wins the job will throw to a young, but talented group of receivers.

"I think we've got depth at that position," Harsin said. "Right now we're getting those young guys up to speed."

But the most important factor might be the running game. Harsin said that he believed the Longhorns had the talent to run the ball effectively this season.

"I think up front and backs, tight ends, receivers, it's the whole package when you're running now," Harsin said. "I think it's just a matter of getting everybody in the right spots. We'll figure that out here in a few weeks. I think the mentality is there, I think we have the personnel to do it, and I'm looking forward to it."

Overall, Harsin said the offense would largely resemble the offense Boise State has fielded the last few years.

"There's a lot of similarities to what we did at Boise," Harsin said. "And there's going to be some new things in there, stuff that all the guys on offense who are from different staffs have brought.

"There's a lot of different ways to skin a cat on offense," Harsin said. "The big key for us here is to figure out what's our personnel best at. And I think we have enough variety in our schemes to make sure that we're getting the best plays and schemes that fit our personnel. And that's what we're doing right now."

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