Scouting Report (and More!): Alan Davis

Colleyville Heritage DE/TE <B>Alan Davis</B>, one of the kids we profiled extensively after his performance at last week's Nike Camp, is certainly a prospect to follow.

Here's a scouting report on Davis (with more to come soon):

The 6-3, 240-pound DE/TE is a versatile athlete with the physical tools to play a number of positions, such as defensive end, tight end, H-back, linebacker and even fullback. Shows good technique as a blocker, understands leverage. Also has a nice pair of hands and catches the ball away from his body.

The coaches recruiting him believe his strongest attributes on the defensive side of the ball are: 'How quick he comes off the ball', 'great pair of feet', 'tremendous agility', 'impressive at dropping his hips, allowing him to change directions quickly', and 'hand technique' (specifically, his skills in hand-to-hand combat, effectively shedding defenders so he can get to the football). Kid also shows good instincts and locates the ballcarrier well; just has a good command of the game of football and knows how to play it.

Asked to compare his abilities to another player's, Davis said: "(Tennessee Titans DE) Jevon Kearse, my favorite player."

Oh yeah, the bluechip baller can hoop it up too as he shows great feet on the hardwood playing the post and power forward positions. But football is his bread and butter and his likely future.


"I'm extremely dedicated, willing to learn and consistent," Davis said.


"Waiting to hear what they are."

Talk about confidence and a highly motivated kid, that's Alan Davis, ladies and gentlemen.


Our report was almost complete and ready to go, but we learned the DE/TE from Colleyville Heritage is garnering even more attention and we wanted to add a few more things specifically on those recent happenings.

"Coach Venables from Oklahoma called and really sounded excited," Davis said. "He said Coach Stoops is coming back into town this Monday and he wanted him to look my tape over."

"Coach Venables also said that he liked what he saw of me on tape and that I had good quickness, speed, first-step, and that I use my hands real well," Davis continued. "And said they're really interested. He's going to get back with his other defensive coaches and review the tape some more."

How about Oklahoma State?

"Coach Mallory called me and basically said the same thing Oklahoma told me," Davis informed. "He said they like what they saw of me on tape and are interested in recruiting me."

And Iowa?

"They called mostly to introduce themselves to me and said they're very interested in me too."

Scholarship offer news: Colorado State and Baylor have now joined LSU in offering the standout prep from Colleyville Heritage.

And the beat goes on...

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