Conference Preview: Tight Ends

Tight end is one of the most important positions in offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin's offense. Find out more about how the Longhorns have done inside.

After two games, it seemed like any talk about the added importance of the tight end in offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin's offense was just that: talk. And then UCLA happened.

More specifically, six catches for 77 yards and three touchdowns happened for D.J. Grant. And just like that, Texas coaches had a player and game to point to while citing the importance of that position. Granted, other than Grant's big day, the tight ends combined to catch two passes for 19 yards in the other two games. One of those, a 14-yarder, went to Dominique Jones, the listed starter at the position. The other, a five-yard completion on a key fourth-and-four in the BYU game, went to Grant, who is listed as a co-starter at H-back with Blaine Irby.

In so many ways, the UCLA performance was the best thing that ever could have happened to the Longhorns. It's a great confidence builder for the current players (particularly Grant), a fireworks display to show tight end recruits (a big deal for the Class of 2013) and gives every other team film to watch, and fear, about the potential impact of the Texas tight ends.

Harsin and Grant both claim that any tight end on roster could have that kind of day in this offense, and while that remains to be seen, Grant's play should at least remove any immediate questions at the position.

Quick Hit Analysis: Grant's big performance leaves you wanting more, but it's still the only big day the Texas tight ends have had in more than a year. Because of that, it's tough to give too high of a grade until they go out and do it on a week-in, week-out basis.

Grade: B-

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