Tuesday Media Notes

Players met with the media Thursday to talk about offensive and defensive improvements, and how the team deals with its shuffling quarterbacks.

* Players were quick to downplay the shuffling of quarterbacks.

I don't look up and get surprised, but sometimes when Case [McCoy] comes in the huddle I think back about Colt [McCoy] in the huddle calling plays, because they sound so much alike," said senior offensive lineman Tray Allen. "[Case and David Ash] are both great quarterbacks though, and have been working hard. They both have been working with the "ones" and "twos" and they are working on their craft as much as the offensive line, the running backs and the receivers. Great leadership is coming out of both of them and they are learning everyday, which is great for our quarterbacks."

Junior tight end D.J. Grant went on to say that McCoy and Ash didn't have different personalities.

"They both come out and work hard," Grant said. "They both lead differently, but they both lead the offense how it should be lead. As you have seen, they both go on and do what they have to do, and it's been helping us win. Case is more of a vocal leader and Ash is more of an 'I'll show you and just follow me' type of player, and we pick up on that and go with our quarterbacks."

* They're fast, and they're fighters, too.

Sophomore defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat said the thing that stood out most about the defense was their "will to keep fighting." "We want to keep fighting no matter what the score is," Jeffcoat said. "We don't really look up at the scoreboard. We just keep playing, and just keep getting after it. We pride ourselves in playing hard and getting three-and-outs. Just keep on doing that. Even if we don't get a three-and-out, we're going to try and get them off the field or make a turnover."

At the same time, sophomore linebacker Jordan Hicks said that the defense was more confident than last year and appeared to be getting faster as the season goes on.

"I think we look fast because our steps are a lot quicker," Hicks said. "I think our trust in the defense has definitely increased a significant amount. We're just buying into everything and going for it."

* The offense is getting more comfortable.

Allen said that the offensive line was "jelling."

"We are getting more into the season and learning more about each other," Allen said. "I think we are doing really well with each other and the communicating is getting better. The offense is getting better and more fluent with this."

Overall, Grant said the offense was looking "pretty good."

"Coach Harsin has been fixing some things up and getting us ready and prepared and getting us to where we can do what we have to do this weekend," Grant said.

Grant said the offense had a chance to be effective because of the way the players opened things up for each other.

"I never think you can have too many weapons as an offense," Grant said. "The more weapons you have, the better offense you have, because the defense has to deal with more."

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