Ten Things from Monday's Presser

This week's 10 Things focuses on the Oklahoma game, injury updates and which coordinator is the bigger risk-taker.

1) Blaine Irby might have had the best advice for the young players heading into the Oklahoma game. Irby said that they needed to think about it like the scene in Hoosiers, when the players measure the rim prior to the state championship game. "It's still the game of football," Irby said.

2) A close second might have come from senior linebacker Emmanuel Acho. Acho said he told the young players to not be shocked by anything. If Oklahoma goes up big, don't be shocked. If Texas goes up big, don't be shocked. Just continue to play the game as always. I'm also reminded of the quote the great Darrell Royal gave us last year, when he said it was important not to lose the game before you play it.

3) I'll address the impact of this later, but Texas received sort of a bad news, good news situation on the injury front. The bad news is that Christian Scott, who received an MRI Monday on a wrist injury he sustained against Iowa State over the weekend, is out indefinitely. The good news is that linebacker Demarco Cobbs will return for the first time this season. He was listed on the depth chart behind Jordan Hicks at SAM linebacker.

4) When asked about the most impressive thing about the Oklahoma game atmosphere, most players said simply "the split." "It's a love-hate relationship," said Tray Allen, who acknowledged that at some points on the field, you could hear both sides yelling, one side urging you on and the other taking swipes at you.

5) With all of the talk about the Oklahoma passing game, not one thing was mentioned about the Sooner runners. That's a major change from previous years, when DeMarco Murray was discussed as arguably the top weapon in the Sooner arsenal for the way that he could hurt teams both in the running game and in the passing game.

6) While playing Iowa State helped, there's no real way to prepare for Oklahoma's tempo. The Sooners, according to both Texas players and coaches, play at as fast a tempo as anybody in the country, and that tempo, when combined with the skill position talent the Oklahoma offense trots out, can be devastating. It then becomes especially important for linebackers Acho and Keenan Robinson to communicate well.

7) Looking for an interesting stat line for Saturday's game? How about this: Since 1990, first-year starting quarterbacks are 2-8-1 against more veteran counterparts. The only two newcomers to win have both been Sooners: Justin Fuente and Sam Bradford. That wouldn't seem to bode well for first year co-starters Case McCoy and David Ash going against an experienced Landry Jones. Not included in that number is Colt McCoy's victory over Paul Thompson, because while the latter was more experienced, it was at another position. Thompson actually started a previous Red River game at wide receiver, but was in his first year as starting quarterback when the Sooners were defeated by the Longhorns.

8) The key to defending Ryan Broyles, according to Blake Gideon, isn't just in shadowing his route. Gideon said Broyles was the best player in the country in terms of adjusting to the flight of the ball with his instincts and body control. That could prove to be a challenge for a young group of cornerbacks who have been relatively untested to this point.

9) Who's the bigger risk-taker between offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin and defensive coordinator Manny Diaz? According to Harsin, it's Diaz. Harsin said Diaz takes more "calculated risks", while quipping that the defensive coordinator was smarter. Diaz said Harsin was just being modest.

10) Diaz had the best way to close down Monday's press festivities. Reporters told Diaz of a story that Longhorn coach Mack Brown told earlier in the day where Urban Meyer, then an analyst, watched a play where Diaz sent the house and dropped Keenan Robinson into pass coverage. Meyer reportedly told Brown that a play like that was OK in the spring, but asked if it would really work in the fall. Diaz's response, in his typical low-key sense of humor, was that Meyer had already seen the play last October, when Florida played Mississippi State. Did it work? "It was a 10-7 game," Diaz responded.

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