Tuesday Media Notes

Jackson Jeffcoat, Malcolm Brown and Jaxon Shipley talked to the media Tuesday. Read more about what they had to say inside.

Overcoming Oklahoma

So much has been made on the 24-hour rule that requires players to drop the previous game a day after it's over, but that's just the way that defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat said the team functions.

"Coach (Mack) Brown came and talked to us and told us that we better have that 24-hour rule," Jeffcoat said. "You can soak a loss for 24 hours or be hyped up for a win for 24 hours. We are bouncing back and are already looking toward Oklahoma State."

Running back Malcolm Brown said he learned from the fast tempo of the Oklahoma game.

"Those guys played really great," Brown said. "They played real fast. We practice against our defense, and our practices got me ready for that. So that wasn't a huge surprise, but they played great that day. It was a little faster, but we've just got to move on from that game and refocus."

Focus was just what receiver Jaxon Shipley said the Longhorns were working on.

"Today we have had a great day of practice to start a good week," Shipley said. "We are very focused, and we have been in there watching film trying to correct all the mistakes we had this last week."

Moving on to Oklahoma State

"It's tough because we came into the season trying to not allow anyone to get more points than our offense scores," Jeffcoat said. "That was tough, but we have to re-evaluate and get back to practice and working hard. We are looking straight at Oklahoma State now."

The biggest challenge that Oklahoma State presents is its offense, led by quarterback Brandon Weeden and receiver Justin Blackmon.

"(Blackmon) is a great athlete with tremendous size and great speed," Jeffcoat said. "You've got to keep him in front of you and can't let him get behind you."

"He's incredible," Shipley added. "He is one of those guys who is a ball hawk. He is going to go up and get the ball. I have watched him for the last couple of years. He's one of those truly great receivers."

Shipley said the Oklahoma State defense was underrated, calling it "great."

"I think they are young, but they have proven themselves so far," Shipley said. "We need to come out and start the game fast."

Staying within themselves

The players said that maintaining their focus and focusing on their own jobs was the best way to recovery.

"All of the players have certain roles," Brown said. "I'm just looking to provide for the team as much as I can - not try to do too much, not get any negative plays."

For Jeffcoat, that means not worrying about the lack of sacks that the defense has produced.

"I know that sometimes you get sacks and sometimes you don't," Jeffcoat said. "Coach (Manny) Diaz has said that they are going to come. We are working and we have plenty of guys getting sacks though, so they are going to come. As a unit, we have been doing well and we've got to keep playing hard.

"It was a tough loss against Oklahoma, but we are bouncing back and getting ready for Oklahoma State," Jeffcoat said.

Brown echoed that the key would be the team's focus.

"We didn't have too good of a game last week," Brown said. "You just see everybody focusing a little bit more. We're not letting that last game get to us. Everybody's just refocusing, and we're doing a good job with that."

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