Brewer Takes in Oklahoma Game

Connor Brewer was able to take in his first Texas-Oklahoma game this past weekend, and he said he was impressed by the experience.

"It was definitely a lot better in that we had a Thursday game, so I had Friday off," Brewer said. "I had never been to a Red River Rivalry game, and I heard that it was a pretty great experience. I wanted to go see it myself, and it didn't disappoint. I can't wait to go play in it."

But that wasn't the only game that Brewer caught over the weekend. Without a Friday game of his own, Brewer was able to fly in and catch the Dallas Skyline and Dallas Jesuit game, getting a chance to see future teammates Peter Jinkens and Thomas Johnson, along with 2013 wide receiver recruit Jake Oliver.

"I didn't get to see the beginning, but Thomas and Peter were great athletes and a part of a great team," Brewer said. "They really whooped up on Jesuit.

"After the Skyline game, I was able to hang out and talk to the two of them," Brewer said. "They're pretty crazy. Especially Peter. He's really fun, just a cool guy with a great personality. He's what you want from a linebacker who's flying all over the place. When you put those two together, it's a special duo."

Then on Saturday, Brewer said his experience started off with a little bit of the Texas State Fair's famous fried food.

"I didn't try anything too crazy. I just had the fried corn dogs," Brewer said. "They were awesome. With all of the food up there, I think I added some weight. Which is good, because I'm trying to put some on."

While the game didn't go the Longhorns' way, it didn't necessarily surprise Brewer either.

"Before the game, personally evaluating it, I knew that Texas had to play pretty near its best game of the season, and Oklahoma had to have a turnover or two," Brewer said. "Oklahoma played well, and Texas just turned the ball over too man times. There's almost no way you're going to win that game like that.

"Then you add in that Texas had a couple of young quarterbacks, and they're guys who will get better as the year goes on," Brewer said. "(Texas) had a tough going there, and I wish I could have been out there with them. Texas is young in certain spots, and they really showed some good things here and there."

Brewer's own season has been going well. After losing their first game to Nevada power Bishop Gorman, Scottsdale Chapparal has gotten better each week, as has Brewer.

"We're really chucking the ball around," Brewer said. "And our team is doing well. It's been a good season so far."

Brewer said he's planning his final visit to Texas for this season for this week's Oklahoma State game, before settling in to focus on the rest of his high school season. After that, it won't be long until he's on campus for good, as Brewer is still on pace to graduate early and enroll for the spring.

"It's looking like that right now," Brewer said. "It's not 100 percent, but right now everything is on the way. I'm ready to get in there and work hard."

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