Texas Takes Long Look at QB

One of the state's top athletes is planning to hit the 40 Acres in the next couple of weeks. Find out more inside!

When Texas first contacted Jalen Overstreet, it was back in the spring.

"They wanted me to play a different position," said the Tatum senior. "They were recruiting me at defensive back."

When that didn't work out, contact dropped off … until about three weeks ago.

"It was shocking, really out of the blue," Overstreet said. "It was a weird number, so I almost didn't pick it up. I usually don't when I don't know what the number is, but I just so happened to pick it up this time.

Good thing he did. Texas offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin was on the line, and he said that circumstances had changed. The Longhorns now wanted to take a look at Overstreet at quarterback.

"He came down last week and watched me play," Overstreet said. "He told me that he likes the way I play, that he likes the way that I carried myself on the field. He said he was impressed, but he also told me how he could help me improve, and that was pretty cool."

That conversation led to Overstreet receiving an invitation to campus, one that he plans to

"They told me I could either come this week to the Kansas game, or next week to the Texas Tech game," Overstreet said. "This weekend, I have something to do, so I'll probably go up there next week."

Overstreet said that an offer was discussed, but not given.

"(Harsin) basically told me that he doesn't want to force (my hand) by giving me an offer," Overstreet said. "He wanted me to come visit, have fun and see how I fit in. Then we can look at the rest."

If Texas did offer, it would be the fourth offer for Overstreet at the quarterback position. Baylor, Texas Tech and Kansas have already pulled the trigger. Overstreet said he liked Baylor and Texas Tech of that trio especially. He said he could picture himself playing quarterback at Baylor, as the Bears already employ a similarly-talented quarterback in Robert Griffin III. The Texas Tech offer came as more of a surprise, as Overstreet said he didn't necessarily fit the mold of what the Red Raiders have utilized in the past.

"Texas has had some success with quarterbacks that move around well," Overstreet said. "And that's what I like."

Overstreet also has offers from programs like Arkansas, Michigan and Missouri for other positions, from wide receiver to safety.

"It's not one of those situations where if I don't play quarterback, I won't play there," Overstreet said. "I grew up as a football player. I would like a chance to see if I could make it playing quarterback in college because I have been playing it for awhile though.

"I don't have any favorites right now," Overstreet said. "I'm just going along with everything. I don't want to rush anything, and I'm concentrating on the season right now."

Thanks in large part to Overstreet, Tatum's season is going pretty well. They've only lost one game, not coincidentally the one game that Overstreet missed with an injury.

"We haven't lost since then," Overstreet said. "It was the first district game. We'll still make it to the playoffs.

"We just want to take it one game at a time all the way to state," Overstreet said. "We try not to get caught up with all of our individuals. We concentrate on having a team concept and taking things one game at a time as a team. Everything else can wait."

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