Texas Nabs 5th Member of Fab Five Class

According to the NCAA, the <b>Fab Five</b> never existed at the University of Michigan for a number of different reasons.

So will the nation ever see a Fab Five?

That question was answered today when SF/PF Mike Williams (arguably a national top ten pick) committed to the Longhorns joining Connor Atchley, LaMarcus Aldridge (also a top ten player), Daniel Gibson (yet another top ten selection) and Dion Dowell.

Folks, you're looking at the FAB FIVE. That heralded group of studs has chosen to lace it up in the Erwin Center for their home games.

If you struggled to convince some that UT really is a basketball school...you should have no problem doing so now.

What Rick Barnes and his staff of assistants accomplished on the Forty Acres can be summed up like this: Elite-level basketball and Longhorn Hoops can be found in the same sentence, thoughts, local, state and national hoops radio talk. Barnes told everyone in the country that the Horns are here to stay on top of the World of College Hoops.

But more on the commitment of the 6-7, 225-pound forward from Camden, Alabama.

Avergaing close to 28 points and 16 boards as junior, Williams led his team to the 5A state championship collecting the Alabama 5A MVP award.

After scoring 22 points and cleaning the glass for 17 rebounds in last night's game, the Camden Wilcox prep is averaging 24 points, 14-15 boards for his AAU coach Mark Komara.

"Mike's a face-up type of guy who can take his man out of the paint because he can knock down the 16-18 footers all day, so they have to step out and guard him," Komara explained. "And after he drills a couple from that range, he then takes his man to the rack.

"He can play the three- or four-spot and is a tenacious rebounder/defender. Better bring a lunch if he's your man. Ask any of the top collegiate coaches. They all say Mike 'brings it' on every play and in every game."

And this kid is coming to hoop-it-up for the Longhorns...

"He said he couldn't wait to go to Texas," Komara said paraphrasing part of Williams' words in his announcement to commit to UT.

How did Barnes and Co. steal this kid from SEC country, particularly 'Bama and Florida?

"You have to give head coach Rick Barnes, assistant coach Rod Terry and strength and conditioning guru Todd Wright the credit, I think," Komara revealed. "Barnes and Terry really worked hard to get Mike and did an excellent job. And Mike really hit it off with S&C coach Wright. After hearing how they planned to bulk him up and get him physically ready for the NBA -- that, was what put them over the top."

Longhorns just grabbed themselves the next Mailman. This is who he's being compared to in terms of physicality, though he'll need to obviously bulk up more to look more like a Karl Malone, but also his work ethic and ability to take it the hole with awesome force and incredible power.

"Mike Williams will run through a brick wall for you, that's what kind of player he is," Komara closed.

Dick Vitale, say hello to the FAB FIVE BABY!

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