Brown Healing Up

Life, as they say, isn't always fair. And — if he didn't know it before — that's a message Texas running back Malcolm Brown received earlier this year.

Brown fought his way into the starting lineup, started putting up 100-plus-yard games and appeared poised to rush for over 1,000 yards in his freshman season. And then, the turf toe hit.

In terms of nagging injuries, turf toe has to rack up there with hamstring injuries — like the one that hit Brown's running mate, Joe Bergeron — as among the most frustrating in sports. Players aren't able to push off well, and struggle to generate the power needed to cut and run at the level needed in major college football. And so, after rushing for 119 yards and two touchdowns against Kansas, Brown has rushed just 28 times in the last four games, failing to top the 40-yard mark since.

"I had an unfortunate injury that took me out," Brown said. "(It) took me out of my rhythm a little bit. But I'm just ready to back out there with my team. Just to show that our running game - not just me but the team - our running game at the beginning of the season wasn't a fluke.

"It was tough, just because I like playing the game so much," Brown said. "But you have to stay positive. Be in the training room as much as you can. Our trainers do a great job with everybody. So just being there as much as you can, being patient. Just stay positive throughout the whole process."

The perpetually positive Brown said that the offense hasn't struggled to find an identity in the absence of its top backs, but has run into a gauntlet of tougher teams.

"Our games now aren't like the games we had at the beginning of the season," Brown said. "Every single team has been a great team. [Texas] A&M. Baylor coming up. Oklahoma State. Those guys are really great teams. They have really great defenses. So we just have to mature a little bit more as an offense."

Will that maturity come against Baylor?

"We can score," Brown said. "But Baylor's a great team. They have a game plan just like every other team has. And we've got a game plan against them, so it'll still be a great game."

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