Unwrapping the Texas Recruits

This Christmas, LonghornDigest.com pretended that all of the Texas commitments were presents under the tree. Which ones would you be most excited to get?

1) Connor Brewer — The Longhorns have other needs, but might be a signal caller away from being "Texas" again. Brewer helps in that area.

2) Adrian Colbert — Seem high? The Longhorns need quality speed at safety, and Colbert brings just that.

3) Cayleb Jones — The gift you just had to have. From Austin. At a need position. And a great, great talent.

4) Johnathan Gray — Arguably the best player in the state, he fits the needs of the running game like a glove.

5) Peter JinkensSteve Edmond has massive potential on the interior. Jinkens gives Texas a run-and-hit athlete on the outside.

6) Malcom Brown — The state's top defensive tackle was a must get. Especially since he seems to fit the seek-and-destroy nature of Manny Diaz's defense.

7) Donald Hawkins — Texas needed a good-to-go offensive tackle, and landed one. Hawkins could allow somebody like Trey Hopkins to move inside, which would be a great move.

8) Kendall Sanders — Sanders might not be the best pure receiver of the bunch, but his speed, and the way he projects to defense if he's moved, merits a high spot.

9) Curtis Riser — Adding a mean and technically sound interior lineman to the Longhorns means that Texas has two potentially special guards in Riser and Sedrick Flowers to build around.

10) Bryson Echols — I'm higher on Echols than many are. But he's a technician and a competitor, just the way Texas likes its cornerbacks.

11) Camrhon Hughes — Hughes gets the nod here for his early enrollment. He's like a present on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day. And that extra spring will give the developing Hughes, who has a nice motor, a chance to impress the Longhorn coaches.

12) Kennedy Estelle — Estelle has the potential to develop into an outstanding player. Line coach Stacy Searels has to be drooling about Estelle's raw talent level.

13) Orlando Thomas — A versatile athlete who could project to a number of positions. His ceiling might be highest as a cornerback, though it'll be tough to keep the ball out of his hands.

14) Alex De La Torre — He's rated this high because of his versatility, his heady play and the fact that he's underrated athletically.

15) Timothy Cole — A downhill linebacker for a downhill scheme. Cole could be a great fit in the Texas defense, especially since he can be a devastating blitzer.

16) Caleb Bluiett — Is he a linebacker? A defensive end? Potentially a tight end or fullback? Yes. Bluiett played some defensive tackle last year, then moved out to middle linebacker this season. Great size/speed athlete.

17) Hassan Ridgeway — Ridgeway's size almost makes him a defensive tackle prospect, but he can still move like an end. When he's geared up to go, he's awfully tough to stop.

18) Jalen Overstreet — A great leader and an excellent athlete. Only question is how he projects. Does he get a "special package" in the Bryan Harsin offense? Or does he wind up the odd man out?

19) Nick Jordan — It can be difficult to project kickers, but Jordan has all the makings of an excellent one.

20) Brandon Moore — Moore should make an immediate impact with Kheeston Randall's graduation. But the emergence of other tackles this year makes him a luxury. A great one to have.

21) Marcus Johnson — Johnson is awfully exciting as an outside receiver, but could find his road to playing time blocked for a couple years.

22) Paul Boyette — Boyette has excellent potential, but might not see time for a few years. He has the frame to play a bigger end spot if needed.

23) Alex Norman — Norman is an exciting tackle prospect because of the way he gets into the backfield.

24) Thomas Johnson — Ever unwrapped a gift you thought you might have to return? Rumors that Johnson could switch to a West Coast school significantly drop how exciting this pickup is at the moment.

25) Kevin Vaccaro — Consider Vaccaro like a car you get when you're 15. You can't really use it yet, but the potential for future fun is still there.

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