By The (Star) Numbers: Tight End will go through every position on the Texas team and analyze the accuracy of's star ratings on the Longhorns' actual performance at that position. Up today: tight ends.

Players and ratings:

* Blaine Irby — four stars

* Ahmard Howard — four stars

* Barrett Matthews — three stars

* Trey Graham — three stars

* M.J. McFarland — three stars

* D.J. Grant — four stars (wide receiver)

* Dominique Jones — three stars (defensive end)

* Darius Terrell — three stars (wide receiver)

Tight End Average: Five Players, 3.4 stars

Players Ranked At Other Positions: Three Players, 3.3 stars

Overall Average: 3.4 stars

Team Analysis: Tight end isn't a so-called "glamour" position, so the rankings are bound to be a bit lower here. But unlike a position like fullback, it isn't really impossible for tight ends to have high rankings. In 2011, two tight ends were ranked as five-star prospects. In 2010, you had another. And in 2008 and 2009, there were three apiece. And in each of those four classes, there were at least 12 four-star-or-higher prospects. What's the point? It's that Texas had a chance to sign highly rated tight ends, but failed to do so. Texas has signed three four-star or better players who play tight end, and one was rated as a wide receiver. Texas has especially struggled to bring in "the complete package", or a tight end who can win a base block, then on the next play fly down the seams for a big catch. That's why you saw Luke Poehlmann (rated with the offensive linemen) get snaps this year at tight end, and why the coaching staff is also giving a situational look to Chris Whaley.

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