By The (Star) Numbers: Offensive Line will go through every position on the Texas team and analyze the accuracy of's star ratings on the Longhorns' actual performance at that position. Up today: offensive line.

Players and ratings:

* Tray Allen — five stars

* Mason Walters — five stars

* David Snow — four stars

* Mark Buchanan — four stars

* Luke Poehlmann — four stars

* Trey Hopkins — four stars

* Paden Kelley — four stars

* Dominic Espinosa — four stars

* Sedrick Flowers — four stars

* Garrett Greenlea — four stars

* Thomas Ashcraft — three stars

* Garrett Porter — three stars

* Josh Cochran — three stars

* Taylor Doyle — three stars

* Marcus Hutchins — three stars

* Kyle Kriegel — four stars (defensive end)

Offensive Line Average: 15 Players, 3.8 stars

Players Ranked At Other Positions: One Player, 4.0 stars

Overall Average: 3.8 stars

Team Analysis: The Texas offensive line rating is pretty strong, especially when you consider that the starting rotation of Allen, Walters, Snow, Hopkins, Espinosa and Cochran actually averages 4.2 stars, with Cochran serving as the only player with a ranking below four stars. And the Longhorns' offensive line opened holes against just about everybody with the exception of Oklahoma, which had a highly ranked defensive line to counter. Even in games against Missouri, Texas opened holes, only to see them go un-utilized by an injured — and at that point, somewhat inexperienced — running back group. The Longhorns struggled at times against California, but there are certainly enough young pieces here to feel optimistic about the future.

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