State Scouting Report: Jordan Sterns

When looking for the top in-state safeties in the Class of 2013, Jordan Sterns is typically going to factor into the conversation.

Physically, he's what you look for, at 6-foot, 190-195 pounds with thickness and explosiveness. He can run, whallops as a hitter and makes some outstanding plays on the ball in the air. If you're making a highlight tape, there are few better, because so many of the plays that he makes are "flash" plays.

Where Sterns has to improve is in his consistency. Teammate Erik Huhn might actually be the better player on a play-in, play-out basis. There are times where Sterns disappears for segments of a game. Part of that comes from the position he plays — safety isn't necessarily in the flow of every play — but you'd still like to see just a bit more production at times.

Sterns flashed at times against Spring Dekaney, including a play where he helped run down Trey Williams on the sideline. And his production should only continue to improve as he gets used to playing safety. It's easy to forget that Sterns played fullback a year ago, and that this is his first year playing safety.

And he might not finish his career at safety (per se) either. Several of the teams recruiting Sterns are projecting him as a "monster" linebacker, or that linebacker/safety hybrid position that is becoming in vogue in college football. Whatever the term, Sterns projects as one of the top players to watch in the state for 2013, and one of the top safety prospects in the region.

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