State Scouting Report: Matthew Mayle

It's easy to see how Cibolo Steele wide receiver Matthew Mayle could get passed over by college coaches. But at the same time, they would be wise to take a longer look.

Mayle is Steele's undersized 2013 wide receiver, and quarterback Tommy Armstrong's favorite target. He plays on the outside for the Knights, but his size would dictate a move to the slot.

That move would be a bit problematic in that Mayle isn't really a shifty guy. He's not going to take a short pass and make a huge play out of it. And it's unclear how well he will clock in a camp setting.

But toss all of that out, and you get an excellent route runner who has gotten open against top-notch cornerbacks this year and somebody who, despite an apparent lack of elite speed, became a big-time playmaker, often getting behind the coverage for huge gains.

Mayle has outstanding feet and body control, and wins more jump balls than his height would indicate. He also has soft hands and catches everything in his vicinity.

Mayle's lack of measurables will turn off a lot of college coaches. And as such, he will probably end up signing at a school below his ability level. But someone that looks past those will be rewarded with a slot receiver who, simply stated, gets open and catches the ball.

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