UA Game: Cayleb Jones

Texas commitment Cayleb Jones talks about the competition level at the Under Armour All-American game and how much he enjoys getting to spend the experience with his brother and nine future teammates.

Cayleb Jones exploded off the line, made his cut, and squared his body toward the oncoming pass, as he did so many times this season. But unlike all of the catches that Jones made for Austin High, the cornerback — future teammate Bryson Echols — was still in his jersey and helped to break the pass up.

"I don't remember what route I ran on B-Ech," Jones said. "But I didn't catch the ball, so I guess that's one up for Bryson. I just have to come back strong tomorrow.

"Today, it started off pretty rough, but it's just good competition," Jones said. "I'm glad to be out here."

Make no mistake: that was Jones's modesty shining through. While just about every player on Sunday had that "whoa, the talent here is strong" moment, Jones was rarely overwhelmed and spent the day as a tough matchup for all the defensive backs thanks to his strength, physicality, route-running and hands.

"Obviously the speed is going to be much faster," Jones said. "We're just trying to get chemistry with the quarterbacks and learning what DB can do what. It's fun. I've learned a lot."

Jones's strong performance was all the more impressive given that he's not 100 percent. He's still nursing a turf toe injury that had his foot in a walking boot as long ago as the state playoffs.

"I've been trying to take care of my foot, and it's still bothering me right now," Jones said. "I just tried to come in shape and work hard. You can't get down on one play."

Every route that he ran, Cayleb had an attentive set of eyes tracing his movements, with brother Isaiah Jones, a 2013 receiver prospect, following along. Cayleb said he saw Under Armour as a shared experience with his brother.

"He sees a lot of stuff that I do like the Gridiron Kings and The Opening, and he sees what he wants to do," Cayleb said. "So he's working toward that."

A solid Texas commitment, Jones said he was ready and willing to sell any of the undecided recruits on the advantages of playing for the Longhorns if he was approached. He said the fact that the Under Armour All-American Game had so many Longhorns — a game-high 10 — wasn't the result of any recruiting class plan to play in the same all-star game, but more of a coincidence.

"That's just kind of how it unfolded," Jones said. "It's cool that we have the most people here. And it's cool for me to be around so many of my future teammates. I love it."

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