UA Game: Ten Texas Storylines

Looking for things to watch in tonight's UnderArmour All-America Game? Here are ten Texas storylines, one for each of the Longhorns' 10 commitments in attendance.

1) Will Alex Norman play? Norman has been fighting an ankle injury all week and didn't ever practice with the rest of the team. On one of the days though, he did go full-bore on the ankle in a series of tests, so if he were ready to go before the game, it's conceivable that they could sneak him in for a couple plays.

2) How many carries will Johnathan Gray get? The other Longhorn fighting an injury is Gray, who missed the third day of practice after suffering swelling and stiffness in his knee. That injury is a carry-over from the staff playoffs, and he'll need to get his knee drained again. But he went through the walk-through and should play. How many carries he gets, and how he looks during those carries, are the bigger questions.

3) How dominant will Malcom Brown be? Brown was one of the best players in Orlando all week. Not only is he typically dominant, but the fact that offensive linemen are typically behind, and aren't used to working with each other, could lead to a monster game for the defensive tackle. He tore through the Black offensive line with his quickness, moves and effort. Can he do the same against the White offensive line?

4) Can Connor Brewer get past the curse of all-star game quarterbacks? The fact that the offensive linemen haven't jelled yet mostly affects the quarterback, who typically doesn't have much of a running game, and who often finds himself running for his life while firing to receivers he isn't used to. Brewer is a passer who thrives on anticipation and accuracy. How accurate can he be when his anticipation is tweaked by a strong pass rush and unfamiliar settings?

5) Will somebody catch a pass on Bryson Echols? Echols might have had the strongest second day of practice of anybody, holding all of the receivers catchless when they were matched up against him. By nature, he's an aggressive player who will get into a receiver's pads and take chances. So he'll either shut down his competition, or he'll allow a big play.

6) How will Peter Jinkens look in coverage? Jinkens showed all week why he's among the top outside linebacker prospects in the country: he moves at a faster speed than anybody else. Whether tracking runs from sideline-to-sideline or covering downfield, his athleticism was apparent. He probably won't get the chance to blitz much, so the next most important thing will be to see how naturally he covers some of the best athletes, in space, in the country.

7) Will Thomas Johnson rebound to his performance of the first two days? On the first day and early second day, Johnson was the best receiver on the Black team. But he looked totally different the next two days. Johnson is a wonderful talent and a difficult matchup, a 6-foot-plus slot receiver with explosion. He can be among the top receivers in the country. But which T.J. will show up when the lights come on?

8) Will Cayleb Jones continue his emergence? As Johnson struggled a bit more, Jones emerged as arguably the top receiver on the Black squad. He started using his body more, earned rave reviews from the coaching staff for his route-running and body control and began dominating the Black team cornerbacks. Jones had as strong a third day as any of the Longhorn commitments, and is trending upward heading into Thursday night's game.

9) Can Curtis Riser maintain his consistency? While Riser has the ability to blow people off the ball, he's more like the contact hitter in baseball with the high batting average. He's where he's supposed to be, making the right kind of contact, and not getting beaten. Those are great traits to have, particularly in an all-star game, where the linemen don't typically protect the quarterbacks well.

10) Will Kennedy Estelle keep chipping away? Estelle might be the most underrated Longhorn commitment in Orlando, because while he hasn't been stellar, he has consistently gotten better day-by-day. He has an outstanding frame and almost looks skinny. He's athletic. But the most obvious thing I took from this week is that he's coachable. He's not making the same mistakes over and over again, and he just keeps getting better. That's certainly encouraging for Texas offensive line coach Stacy Searels.

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