Hughes Excited for Move In caught up with offensive tackle Camrhon Hughes as he was packing up to move in at Texas.

"I'm really excited," Camrhon Hughes said. "With me packing and everything now, it's kind of that moment where you're thinking 'this is it.' It's what you've been waiting for. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time."

Hughes said that he decided as a high school freshman to take enough credits to graduate early.

"I didn't really know what for, but I got a bunch of credits," Hughes said. "When I (earned) my scholarship this year, my counselor said I had enough credits to graduate early, so I decided to go in for spring training.

"I think it will really benefit me in terms of getting to know the playbook and transitioning to the college level," Hughes said. "When I talked to Coach [Stacy] Searels, he didn't pressure me. He told me the benefits, but he said that he didn't want me to miss out on anything I wanted to do. But I'm so gung ho about coming that I was like 'hey, I'm ready.'"

Hughes helped Harker Heights to a 5-5 record on the year, though he said the season was a success because of the way the team improved. He said he was then able to carry that positive momentum into the Semper Fi bowl, where he stood out as one of the top practice performers.

"That was kind of my goal: to go in and be the best lineman they had," Hughes said. "I overprepare myself. I was thinking those guys were going to be world beaters, so I went to work. I think that's what helped me do well, that I prepared like I was going to be facing the best in the country."

Hughes said he talks with his younger brother Naashawn Hughes, one of the state's top linebackers, and fellow Harker Heights teammate Darius James about recruiting. Both have offers to the first Texas Junior Day.

"I told (James) when he first started getting offers, that everything was starting right then," Hughes said. "I told him about the process and how some schools wait to evaluate you until later on. It really depends on who you want, and what they want you to do."

So has Camrhon been talking to the duo about Texas?

"Oh yes sir, absolutely," Hughes said, laughing. "(James) and my brother both, I talk to them about UT. I'd like to think they'll both be (joining Texas), but I don't know who else is talking to them."

Hughes said the matter of where to attend college was never a question for him.

"Texas was where I always wanted to go," Hughes said. "So when that offer came, it was like, well, that's it. I already knew I was coming."

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