NSD Scouting Report: Connor Brewer

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

When talking about Connor Brewer, I keep in mind Yogi Roth's description of him. Roth, who helped to coach Brewer at the Elite 11 camp, said that Brewer was the kind of guy who grew on you the more you saw him and the more you learned about him.

I agree totally with that assessment. When you first see Brewer, on the hoof, he's not that exciting. He's 6-foot-2 and slender to the point that his pads look a little big on him. He doesn't have an overwhelming gun. And he's a 4.8-second guy in the 40-yard dash, which is good, but not enough to make him a weapon running the ball.

But his speed is actually an excellent metaphor for the rest of him. He's not overly big, but he has nice enough size. His arm isn't elite, but he can make all of the throws and has zip when he needs it. Physically, Brewer isn't an A in any category, but he's probably a B to B-plus in most.

No, Brewer's 'A' grades come when you start looking at the intangibles. He's an intelligent kid, a winner of three-straight state titles and charismatic. He, along with Cayleb Jones, created the T.G.O.D. (Texas Gang Or Die) slogan that has been often repeated through this recruiting class. And he's put in the effort to help land, and keep, many of those recruits.

His accuracy is also an A, and he knows when to test the defense and when to make the safe throw. He passed for 41 touchdown passes to five interceptions, and was clearly the best quarterback on his team at Under Armour in terms of red zone drills. He also isn't afraid to take off and run when there isn't an option there, and he has the speed to get a first down, and more, at the next level.

The Longhorns have been looking for a quarterback who can manage the offense, hit on the deep ball and, most importantly, protect the football. Brewer appears to bring all those traits to the table, and may remind a lot of Texas fans of former Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy — another slender 6-2 guy out of high school — from the time he hits campus.

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