NSD Scouting Report: Kendall Sanders

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

Sanders might be my favorite prospect in the Texas class. And why not? By any measure, he's outstanding. He's 6-foot, almost 180 pounds and runs the 40 in the 4.3s. But even more than that, he's a dynamic player with a lot of skill at multiple positions.

Sanders will start off his career in the slot at Texas, though he could just as easily be an All-American at cornerback (more on this later). At wide receiver, he's a playmaker, somebody who can track the ball on deep throws and simply run past most defensive backs. But he's also an elusive player with the ball in his hands, somebody with the strength to break tackles and the quickness to avoid tacklers altogether.

That's what makes him a perfect fit for the slot at Texas. The Longhorn plan to run the ball, then test the defense down the seams, works best when you have a receiver that can get down those seams as well as Sanders can. And if it comes to a jump ball situation, he has outstanding ball skills, length and leaping ability.

As a wide receiver, Sanders still has work to do as a route runner. In high school, he could pretty much run around or through the defense. In college, it will require a bit more subtlety. He'll have to learn the nuances of setting up defensive backs' bodies, timing and footwork. But the athletic skills and the work ethic are there to make you think he'll get better in that area.

His best position, however, might be at cornerback. That's where Sanders' height, length, speed, hips and ball skills are all in the A-plus range. Had Sanders focused on cornerback this season, and if he wished to play there in college, he would have projected as the top cornerback, and potentially a top-five player in the state. He picked off two passes in the Army game despite a lack of polish, so give him a year or two under Duane Akina, and look out.

Having said that, I still think he's a top 10 to top 15 type of player even at receiver, with his speed, size and playmaking ability still translating well to the slot. So whichever way his career goes in Austin, I think he'll have plenty of success.

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