NSD Scouting Report: Kennedy Estelle

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

Estelle started off as a higher-rated prospect than Hughes, based on the fact that Estelle is taller, longer and probably a bit more athletic. But Estelle doesn't quite show Hughes's nasty streak, and besides that, he's not really big enough or strong enough to do so. In fact, Estelle's body looks a lot like a basketball player's at this point. Tons of length and athleticism.

But Estelle hasn't yet channeled that into pass protection. The framework is there, with his outstanding quickness for his height. But he lacks the strength to generate sufficient punch at this point, and altogether is just more raw on that end. He's still growing into his body, and he can overextend at time, can over-stride and doesn't quite generate the push that will make him more effective as he bulks up.

Surprisingly then, he's actually better at run blocking. Estelle isn't always consistent with his pad level, but he's usually able to push the defender backward and create holes to run through. And his quickness allows him to reach defenders before they're able to react.

Those traits would make you think Estelle is a natural fit at right tackle, and he just might be. He has the frame to easily carry 315-320 pounds, and if he can up his pass protection while making the small gains in the running game that come with adding weight, he'll have a great chance to be a successful player on that end.

It's also worth noting that I saw Estelle over a multi-day window, and he improved every day. So he appears to be coachable. And with his frame and athleticism, Estelle's ceiling is through the roof.

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