NSD Scouting Report: Curtis Riser

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

The football equivalent of a contact hitter, Riser seems to always make contact with the right defender at the right time. There have certainly been more dominant guard prospects out there in recent years, the kind who blow their defender 20 yards off the ball. But while Riser has some of those traits, he should be best known for a player who knows his assignment and gets the job done.

In the running game, Riser does a nice job of coming off the ball low and hard, and he generates momentum through the defender, pushing him back. He stays on balance and rarely misses or is defeated. Even when he's somewhat stalemated, Riser typically is able to wall off the defender and create a hole anyway. Riser has quick feet, and he also displays the strength to root-hog a defender out of the hole.

He's also as solid as it gets in terms of pass blocking, presenting a solid base, never reaching and keeping his eyes open for blitzers. He rarely, if ever, seems overwhelmed, and, if nothing else, squares his pads and makes solid contact on the defenders.

Riser is the top guard in the 2012 class for a reason. There might be other guards who generate more explosive push. But there aren't any as consistently good as Riser, who also plays the game with a ton of emotion.

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