Horns At Top Of Umeh's List, But...

<B>McCollins Umeh</B>, one of the state's top defensive ends, can go just about anywhere he wants. The Longhorns, though, appear to be at the top of his list. But for how long? After briefly touching on the edge-rusher's situation on our Member's Only Board this past Friday, we caught up with Umeh again to find out exactly what's up in his recruitment, and it'll leave you scratching your head if you're an Orangeblood wanting more superstar DE talent.

"Texas is still No. 1...just have to find the right time to get down there (Austin)," Umeh explained. "I hope they have an offer for me when I'm able to find a way there because I know they're getting a lot of commitments, but either way, it doesn't matter...I just want to play ball."

Has he recently been in touch with the Texas coaching staff?

"I called Coach (Darryl) Drake and told him I was having trouble getting down to Austin and he said that was fine," Umeh revealed. "He said I needed to get down there pretty quick though."

This kid's having a tough time catching a ride, he's explained that to the coaching staff, and the Horns are telling him he needs to hurry up and get down to Austin? All the while, here come half of the Big 12 schools and, most recently, the Florida schools riding in via Fed Ex with 'ship offers.

"Florida's sending an offer and Miami is talking about it, too," Umeh said. "It doesn't matter to me where I go. All I'm worried about is getting stronger, quicker, faster, better. Somebody'll want me and somebody'll get a really good football player."

If you're reading confidence profusely pouring out of this kid's mouth, you're reading this story correctly. Umeh has that and then some.

"Heck, I'll go to any Big 12 school," Umeh said as he contemplated where he'll eventually land. "It doesn't really matter who takes me."

"Now, I like Texas because they need defensive ends, they're close to home and they have a winning program," Umeh revealed. "And they've been writing me since I was a sophomore. So, I like them a lot."

If the Longhorns keep holding out, who might be second in line for the Harris County stallion's John Hancock?

"I guess I like Colorado the second-most and they've already offered me," said the Texas pass-rushing specialist as he emphasized 'already offered me'. "They're right up there next to Texas. Oklahoma has offered and they'd be a pretty good place, too. Oklahoma State's offered, and so has Kansas, Arkansas, Iowa State, Baylor, Texas A&M, Michigan State and North Carolina. Florida's offer should be here in another day or two and Miami should be after that. So, I feel like I can go anywhere I want."

It's beginning to look that way.

"Wherever I go, I'm going to play some ball...you can bet on that!"

Will Texas be the school to snatch up the district 15-5A bluechip? We'll examine that in this week's Inside Scoop.

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