NSD Scouting Report: Bryce Cottrell

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

Cottrell was the latest addition to the Texas class and could help add depth to a defensive end position that needs it.

At 6-3 220, Cottrell is the smallest, and has the smallest frame of the three ends headed to Austin. And he's still developing as a player and pass rusher, meaning it could be awhile before we see Cottrell start to see the field other than on special teams.

That's not to say that he brings nothing to the table. Cottrell has nice short-area quickness, and his last few steps after finding the ball carrier are lightning. For a smaller player, he does a nice job of using his hands to keep people off his body, and he finds the ball well (as evidenced by his 80 tackles as a senior).

Cottrell can come off the ball high at times, which can give him trouble when teams run right at him. And he often goes for a high tackle, which could lead to missed tackles at the next level. He also often operates out of a stand-up stance, which would change if he were to become a regular, every-down player. And for a pass-rush specialist, he only had five sacks, and struggled at times to get off of blocks.

Still, with Cottrell's size, and increased development, it isn't unreasonable to think that he could grow into a 250-260-pound pass-rush specialist in a few years, the kind that can rotate through on third downs to harass the quarterback.

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