NSD Scouting Report: Paul Boyette

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

It helps to be able to play multiple positions in Manny Diaz's defense. He likes linebackers who can rush the passer like defensive ends and drop into coverage like safeties. And he loves interchangeable players, ones who can move around before the snap to cause havoc.

He has one of those players in Boyette, an athletic three-technique with the frame to play defensive end, or to bulk up over 300 pounds and become a nose tackle. Right now, Boyette stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 280 pounds, which probably isn't far from his sweet spot. With the way he moves and his length, Diaz can jump Boyette around into different gaps, twist him, stunt him and let him work his magic.

Boyette could stand to add some weight, and therefore some strength, but I think it would be beneficial to keep him from getting too much over the 290-295 range when he could lose some of the fluidity that makes him an excellent player. Of course, at 305, he'd be more athletic than the average 305 pounder, so there's that thought as well.

With the defensive tackles already on campus (and the addition of Brandon Moore and Malcom Brown), Texas will have some time to wait and see how it wants to make use of Boyette. Don't be surprised if there's a redshirt year and then a freshman year spent in development, before Boyette emerges as a redshirt sophomore.

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