NSD Scouting Report: Peter Jinkens

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

It sounds almost surreal to say it, but here it is: Peter Jinkens ran a faster 40 time than Johnathan Gray at The Opening.

So when you're looking for a positive for Jinkens's game, you can start there right away: he has tremendous speed for an outside linebacker. Jinkens is shaped like a big safety, though he has the length to add good weight, and he'll immediately upgrade the speed on campus while adding a deadly special teams weapon. And in time you'll have a player who is devastating both in coverage and as a blitzer. He's another Demarco Cobbs type. And he's similar to Cobbs in that he's also had success in high school as an offensive player with the ball under his arm.

Of course, the problem for now is that Jinkens needs to get bigger. He'll have to continue to add weight to hold up in the Big 12 and to fill out to help against the run. He also needs to refine his game. At times, Jinkens appears to be able to coast on his athletic ability, but he won't be able to just get by on this athleticism at the next level.

If Jinkens can become less athlete and more linebacker, Texas could have an outstanding player on its hands, somebody who plays at a different speed than your average outside linebacker.

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