NSD Scouting Report: Dalton Santos

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

If you walked into a dark alley, you'd want to have this guy by your side. Santos is a hard-charging, hard-filling, harder-tackling linebacker who eats running backs three meals a day.

He plays football as if it's a brawl and he's the biggest person in the bar, demonstrating tremendous strength and aggression in shutting down everything between the tackles. If you could describe him in one word, it might be "collision." And Santos is built to hold that line in college as well, weighing 245 pounds.

But that's also part of his problem. Santos is built perfectly to stop the run, which is to say that he's built imperfectly to stop the pass. While he has excellent straight-lined speed, he lacks the fluidity and hips to be a three-down linebacker, especially in a conference where several teams live in the spread. Santos is closer to a defensive lineman than a safety, and as such could be relegated largely to running downs.

With Steve Edmond already in pace, Santos will have a chance to fight for his backup spot. And he's a lot like Edmond, except that he's an inferior athlete. Santos will be able to come in and give the Longhorns pop in running situations. And by the time he's a little older, he might develop the instincts to circumvent his lack of fluidity in the passing game.

But for now, be happy with what he is: the meanest cuss you'll find between the tackles in this class.

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