NSD Scouting Report: Kevin Vaccaro

One-by-one, we'll take a look at every member of the Texas recruiting class.

When I talked to Kevin Vaccaro back at Texas State 7-on-7, he joked with me that he was just waiting for his growth spurt to come. His older brother, Kenny, is a 6-foot-1 safety on the Longhorns currently, and Kevin said Kenny had the help of a late spurt to reach his ideal height.

Unfortunately for Kevin, that spurt hasn't come yet (you never want to say it plain won't come, because stranger things have happened). And it's unfortunate largely because the difference between Vaccaro being 5-9 , as he currently is, and say, 5-11 to 6-foot, is potentially a 60-spot jump in the in-state rankings and a possible two-star leap in overall ranking.

Because Vaccaro is a similar player to his brother in almost every other aspect. He's a physical player and a vicious hitter who covers quite a bit of ground. He hits like a safety and covers like a cornerback, which would give him tremendous scheme versatility, if he weren't 5-9.

But I want to be more specific about his height. The reason I keep bringing it up is that, like Kenny, Kevin is potentially a really high-level safety. As a cornerback, his coverage skills and speed are good. As a safety, they are high caliber. And when you add in his hitting ability, you get the potential for a special player.

But his height limits his growth potential. Vaccaro is currently listed at 175 pounds, and it's questionable how much weight he could add while retaining his athletic ability. And to be at his most effective, he probably needs to be in the 6-foot-plus to fill out to the 205-215 range.

Therein lies the problem. As is, largely because of his height, he's a 'tweener, somebody with cornerback size but safety skills. I still think he's a take, because if his spurt hits, you just hit on a big-time safety. And Vaccaro's enough of a high-character guy that even if he doesn't, he'll show great work ethic and find a way to make plays on special teams, or potentially in a nickel type spot.

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