Junior Day 2 Roundup

If there were any indicators that this wouldn't be your typical Texas recruiting session, they came out during Junior Day 1, when Texas didn't land any commitments, and — according to multiple visitors that day — encouraged the prospects to go home, talk with their families and sleep on their decisions before throwing up the horns and committing.

But if there was any doubt remaining that this crop would be different, it was drilled in with the precision of a nail gun Saturday as the Longhorns held back the reins on offers almost entirely, and seemed to focus more on finding which kids want to be Longhorns. The only one that everyone is 100 percent sure received an offer is JD1 holdover Kent Perkins, with Chevoski Collins, and his high school coach, claiming Collins received one as well.

On one hand, it's a brilliant approach. Texas is incredibly limited in terms of scholarships for the 2013 class, with just 10 seniors set to graduate. Sure, a couple more could turn pro, and there's always attrition. But the point is that Texas is playing with a limited number of scholarships, which in turn leads to a limited number of offers sent out.

And more specifically, it means that Texas has to be really careful about who it offers, and who it gets to commit. Finding out which players truly want to run through a wall to be Longhorns is paramount. Because the worst possible thing that can happen in a small class is to give your one linebacker scholarship to a player who ditches you at the end, while all of your other choices moved on to other schools. That's not as vital in a bigger class, where one of your three or four linebackers might decide to move on.

So while in a perfect world, Texas would be filled up with the 15 best players in the state right now, a smaller class means that Texas needs to 1) spend extra time evaluating which positions NEED to be filled and 2) which players are in it for the long haul.

So while JD2 didn't exactly see an outpouring of offers, don't be surprised if those offers are forthcoming. At least one JD2 attendee told LonghornDigest.com Saturday that the coaches were planning to sit down on Sunday morning to discuss potential offers before doling them out.

What that also means is that JD2 isn't likely the only chance for offers these players will receive. In fact, I suspect that multiple players, if not several, will receive calls from the coaching staff on Sunday letting them know that they have an offer to play football for the University of Texas.

And you can guarantee that those offers will have been mulled over by the staff and given to the players, not just with the most talent, but those who are the most likely to join the class, and stay a part of it.

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